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The Cloisters

Nestled within the prestigious Cloisters neighborhood in Memphis, Tennessee, this modern masterpiece is the result of a collaboration between renowned interior designer Leslie Murphy of Murphy Maude Interiors and the expert craftsmanship of Ken Garland Custom Homes. The house stands out in a community known for its traditional charm, offering a refreshing modern aesthetic.

Leslie Murphy, known for her immersive, art-driven designs, approached this project with her signature reverence. Utilizing a fool-proof, time-tested system, she created a turn-key space that seamlessly blends luxury, sophistication, and a touch of edge. The meticulous twenty-one-month renovation process was guided by Murphy Maude Interiors’ milestone system, ensuring clarity, communicativeness, and a solid path forward.

The Cloisters, where modern luxury meets timeless craftsmanship, this Ken Garland Custom Home is not just a dwelling; it’s a symphony of architectural sophistication and contemporary allure. Step into a world where every detail tells a story of meticulous design, and the pool in the backyard becomes a reflection of the perfect balance between elegance and relaxation.
The clients, native Memphians and newly empty-nesters, were actively involved in the design process. The husband, a prominent businessman with a keen eye for detail, sought precision and a smooth journey, while the wife craved a fun experience to explore her creative side. The result is a home that not only meets but exceeds their expectations.

Situated in a gated community adorned with wispy trees and architectural gems, the Cloisters neighborhood is one of the most sought-after places to live in Memphis. Leslie and her team’s hands-on approach extended from collaborating with architects in the early stages to selecting every piece of furniture, art, and finishing touch. The couple’s love for their new home is evident in the gratitude expressed through heartfelt notes and a holiday card capturing the joy of family moments within their transformed space.

This extraordinary residence redefines luxury living, showcasing the perfect harmony between modern design, artistic expression, and meticulous craftsmanship by Ken Garland Custom Homes.

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