Ken Garland, Memphis Home Builder

Don’t Forget these Four Important Fall Maintenance Items!

1. You should have your home inspected by a painter and roofer for caulk shrinkage from the Summer heat. Especially around windows, doors and brick flashing. Hairline cracks allow water to seep in and then the damage begins. Neglecting annual caulk maintenance is the main reason most homes have rotten wood and/or leak issues. You change the oil in your car and rotate tires so why not take the time for maintenance on your home.
2. We recommend that a new homes' windows, doors and cornice should be painted before the end of the 3rd year, along with annual inspections of caulking every year (even the 1st). Some homeowners wait 5-7 years and that is why we commonly see rotten wood and damage even on somewhat newer homes. Just because you have a new home doesn't mean you can skip maintenance.
3. Replace furnace filter bi-annually.
4. Clean your ice maker bi-annually with nickle-safe ice machine cleaner which can be bought at most hardware stores or over the internet.

Tired of losing power during thunderstorms or power outages?
Never again. Ken Garland Homes has been adding whole house generators for several of our existing homeowners over the past several years.